Group RMC Deal Toy
Case Study

Group RMC Deal Toy

Group RMC is a co-investment company focused on commercial real estate.

Group RMC CBRE Office Building Deal Toy 03


To celebrate a portfolio of new properties, the client wished to create a custom deal toy. For the design, they imagined commemorating the properties themselves. However, they wanted to remain cost-effective.

Group RMC CBRE Office Building Deal Toy 02


To incorporate the two properties, we shaped two panels from clear crystal to reflect the featured places. Then, we used an acetate treatment to embed photos of the buildings into these panels. We then digitally printed information of the accomplishment on a clear panel. Then, we arranged the elements in a unique order to create intriguing layers and adhered them to a black crystal base.

By using acetate embedment, we honored the properties in a budget-friendly way. Although we didn’t create an intricate building replica, we still captured the essence and importance of these properties.

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