Golden Gears Award
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Golden Gears Award

With the combination of the Cristaux Labs and our vast vendor network, anything is possible. Therefore, awards like this can take the cake when it comes to design innovation.


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AOL Autoblog Gold Cube Spinning Gears Kinetic Cube 02


In order to bring this vision to life, we required internal Cristaux Labs R&D collaboration with local machinist. We tried to make a rubik’s cubes style award. We were looking to test functional awards to create something interactive that can the recipient can play with and move. All the while, we had to keep in mind industrial manufacturing elements to not jeopardize quality.

AOL Autoblog Gold Cube Spinning Gears Kinetic Cube 03


Our final result: A complex design, but a one-of-a-kind cube. All-in-all, the cube itself is comprised of nearly 20 pieces. Each piece of this intricate recognition award is shaped, machined, and anodized to give it a full and finished effect. 

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