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GABBCON occupies the intersection of Silicon Beach, Wall Street, Madison Avenue, and Hollywood. GABBCON draws upon its consummate network of top intra-industry leaders to help forge mutual agreement and broker common ground on everything from training and education, nomenclature to standards, methodology and best practices for financing, developing media and marketing plans, customized executive support, producing and distributing the world’s most popular video and audio content and importantly to help you lead change and avoid market disruption.


Custom Awards


Metal, Wood




Event Awards

Code Name

Gabbcon Statue

Gabbcon 3

The Challenge

When this brand-new award show came to Cristaux, the creative team was excited. We were commissioned to come up with a unique design for a contemporary statue that incorporated a “play” button.

Gabbcon 2

The Solution

We made this piece using a variety of methods. We die-casted the play button out of resin to control the weight. This also helped because a curved surface like that can cause minor tolerances and inconsistencies with the mold.

We then machined the pillars out of solid aluminum and eventually polished and electroplated everything down to assemble into a solid base. We also used a proprietary method to make sure the overall award was not too top heavy.

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