Case Study


A diverse and passionate group of thinkers, creators, technologists and storytellers – the team at FCB is dedicated to creating truly memorable experiences. As one of the foremost creative agencies in the world, FCB identified Cristaux as an aligning partner to collaborate with for their in-house recognition concept.

Metal Years of Service Awards 003

The Challenge

Always moving forward, FCB was seeking to find a recognition program that matched their creative spirit, brand and purpose. Solutions that had come before had not quite hit the mark, and their vision was clear. The concept was to take the numbers “4”, “5” and “6” and cut them out of aluminum and making sure it was at least 2″ thick.

Metal Years of Service Awards 002

The Solution

Bypassing expensive tooling fees for proprietary technology, the necessary cuts became possible by Cristaux’s team of experts through precision, skill and placement. By adjusting the numbers, the edges met the cuts seamlessly, resulting in a flawless quality. The aluminum numbers were then painted in a suite of custom matched PMS colors. Once painted, they were baked in ovens to complete the sleek finish and ensure durability.

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