Cherokee Casino Resort
Case Study

Cherokee Casino Resort

Operating as the world’s most diversified casino-entertainment provider, Caesars Entertainment Corporation is proud to operate Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort, a casino and hotel owned by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians on the Qualla Boundary in Cherokee, North Carolina.


Custom Awards


Crystal + Glass



Code Name

Cherokee Casino Resort

20th Anniversary Award Made From Crystal With Red And White Letters 002

The Challenge

In celebration of Harrah’s Casino Resort’s 20th year anniversary and in alignment with a rollout of a new internal employee recognition program, Cherokee Harrah’s Casino Resort sought to recreate an award that captured the Casino’s primary outdoor sign. Cristaux was identified as the creative team to implement the exacting replica.

20th Anniversary Award Made From Crystal With Red And White Letters 003

The Solution

Working closely with the Harrah’s team, Cristaux’s designers simplified the logo without losing its character, in order to allow for production requirements. Using a waterjet technique, two panels were created rather than three, enabling a more seamless result. By simplifying the overall design, the end result incorporated Harrah’s corporate identity, along with elements that aligned with a brand-centric vision and perspective.

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