Capstone Development
Case Study

Capstone Development

With a market reputation for being an innovator and creator of transaction structures and financing plans that have transformed the industry, Capstone Development Partners (CDP) is a real estate development company exclusively focused on working with colleges and universities.

Black and Gold Building Replica Made Of Crystal 002

The Challenge

Unique in the industry, CDP specializes in projects with direct university involvement that respect the unique culture of a campus and its users. To commemorate one of their most high-profile accomplishments to date, Capstone engaged Cristaux to recreate a building replica of a recent development.

Black and Gold Building Replica Made Of Crystal 003

The Solution

With a strong collaborative relationship, Cristaux worked with the CDP team to perfect the architectural drawings, ensuring that every detail in the building was captured. Ultimately scaling a 218 foot building down to a 6″ crystal replica, miraculously, no detail was missed. The replicas were given as a commemorative gift to all investors, subcontractors, and stakeholders as a token of gratitude and appreciation for all their hard work and efforts.

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