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Best of CES – Exhibitor

Exhibitor Media Group is an educational resource for trade shows and corporate event marketing. Its team organizes diverse recognition programs throughout the year.


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Black Crystal Prism Obelisk Exhibit Award 002


The client wanted to reinvent the pieces for its Best of Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Awards program. The Exhibitor team envisioned something like their previous designs – modern and structural. They also wished to replace the acrylic used for the awards. Our challenge was to develop an intriguing design without sacrificing our ability to personalize with precision.

Black Crystal Prism Obelisk Exhibit Award 003


To begin, we chose to work with black crystal for a striking effect. Next, we designed a contemporary and clean structure. We made sure to include a large and flat surface for us to easily incorporate personalization for the deserving winners. The geometric complexity elevated the design, while the simplicity radiated elegance.

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