At Home
Case Study

At Home

At Home is a leader in the home décor industry. With fair prices and a vast selection, it prides itself on helping customers find exactly what they need.

Marble Base House Shape Crystal Chairman Award 001


The client was developing a Chairman’s Awards program for its leading sales team members. They asked us to create awards inspired by their company brand and retail storefronts. As a result, we tasked ourselves with infusing the At Home brand in a meaningful way.

Marble Base House Shape Crystal Chairman Award 002


To start, we cut two pieces of crystal to reflect the shape of the At Home storefronts. We then infused the company brand’s specific colors into those components. We achieved this by using our Pantone Matching System to identify and recreate the colors. We also used that system to replicate the logo with great precision.

Per the client’s request, we shaped a base out of granite. Last, we perfectly positioned the crystal pieces, glued them in place, and engraved personalization into the base.

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