AmericasMart Atlanta
Case Study

AmericasMart Atlanta

Located in Georgia, AmericasMart Atlanta is a leading marketplace for wholesale gifts, apparel, and more.

Americas Mart Atlanta Crystal Marble Dealtoy 03


To celebrate a successful merger, the client wished to create a custom deal gift for partners involved in the business deal. For the design, they envisioned incorporating company brands and high-quality materials.

Americas Mart Atlanta Crystal Marble Dealtoy 02


First, we cut two of the crystal panels to reflect the unique shape of each company’s logo. Then, we digitally printed the logos and deal information onto the panels. Next, we glued two stripes of black crystal into the main clear panel to reflect the merging of two great organizations.

Additionally, we applied a mirror coating to prevent the strong black color from spilling into the clear crystal’s radiance. Last, we adhered the panels to a white marble base for a strong and significant look.

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