Chicago, IL

Position Overview

We are looking for a hungry, energetic, and social individual to help us find new opportunities within our industry. The purpose of this position is to proactively find new opportunities and then set up potential meetings or quotable opportunities for our company. This position will require a positive attitude and strong personality capable of withstanding rejections over the phone, email or in person. The ideal candidate must have at least 1-3 years of sales experience, have a passion for working with high-end brands, and be able to think of their feet. This is a fast-paced position which also requires thorough multitasking and considerable attention to detail.

Basic Requirements

  • Well organized with clear, professional and prompt communication skills.
  • Must be very comfortable using a computer, and type at least 60 words per minute.
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel and other office tools.
  • Proven collaboration skills are a must.
  • Solid command of the English language: Both written and verbal.
  • Strong multi-tasking skills.
  • Flexible, friendly and engaging. Must be able to communicate in an encouraging and stimulating manner, on a frequent basis with upper management, individuals, groups, and subordinates.
  • Provide examples of previous projects to market towards new prospects.
  • Prior experience in phone sales is a must.
  • Candidate must be comfortable talking 3-5 hours daily on the phone.
  • Use Salesforce to enter and update sales calls, opportunities and customer contact information.
  • Highly capable of working in a team environment.
  • Must have a passion for the creative and manufacturing industry.
  • High degree of emotional intelligence, and independently work through resolutions/problems.
  • Demonstrate creative, organizational, and collaborative skills.
  • Well organized and prioritizes outbound list management tasks on a daily basis.
  • Possess the ability to proactively develop new and innovative ideas for expanding into new industries and demographics. Always able to think outside the box at all times.

Specific Position Requirements

  • 1-3 years of sales experience is necessary.
  • Daily outbound progress and weekly quotas to be met.
  • Always looking for creative ways to engage new customers and market our capabilities/services.
  • Strong ability to follow processes and qualify prospects and new projects prior to arranging sales meetings or sending out quotations.
  • Maintain a professional demeanor through all conversations and demonstrate a refined etiquette with tonality while holding true to ALL of Cristaux’s core values.
  • Hold yourself and clients accountable for deliverables and deadlines.
  • The ability to efficiently schedule and confirm sales meetings with prospects.
  • Works with the sales department to refine scripts and approach for contacting prospects, scheduling sales presentation, and overall creating new opportunities for our organization.
  • Excellent communication skills, self-motivated, self-starter, sense of urgency, well organized and very personable. An athletic background is a plus.
  • Diligent task completer.
  • Proficiency in Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Instagram for prospecting is highly recommended.
  • Input clean and accurate information within Salesforce (opportunities, calls, follow-ups).
  • Continuous outreach through sales calls, social media channels, and emails to arrange sales meetings and/or quotable opportunities for our organization.
  • Strictly perform sales related tasks that work towards achieving quarterly quotas.

Position Type

This is a full-time position. Travel may be sporadic depending on company needs.

Required Education & Experience

Minimum one (1) to three (3) years of sales experience necessary. Understanding of the promotional products industry is extremely helpful. An appreciation for design and manufacturing is a plus. There currently is not a specific education requirement, but experience will be heavily assessed without it.

Preferred Education & Experience

Associate Degree is preferred.

Qualifications and Physical/Mental Requirements

The Solutions Specialist must have direct experience in sales; particularly with phone conversations and professional email etiquette. Experience using Salesforce, and promotions-related industry experience is a major plus. The ideal candidate should retain a strong level of emotional intelligence and have the ability to read, interpret, manage and address the majority of customer needs. Making the customer feel comfortable during all stages of the sales cycle while remaining a true professional and in direct alignment with the Cristaux values and core principles.

Daily tasks include: Flexible with work hours. Once trained, may occasionally work from home. Sitting, answering calls, computer work, responding to emails, occasionally walking and standing. Educating customers, conducting meetings, troubleshooting inquiries, qualifying new leads, etc. Interacting with small and large teams, executing while keeping a laser focus on project goals, and having a positive attitude is a must. Letting your personality show!