We are looking for an experienced Sales Manager who has a direct understanding of new business development; both inbound and outbound.  The Sales Manager will be responsible for overseeing all Sales revenue generation and managing of budget for achieving the Sales goals. You will work with other Account / Program Managers to help communicate Sales direction, obstacles and growth. The right candidate must display detailed-oriented management skills and facilitate proactive enterprise sales contracts, all while operating within longer sales cycles (anywhere from 30-120 days). The primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to: promoting and selling the Cristaux brand both domestically and internationally, generating brand awareness through direct phone calls, online reach, trade shows, and/or sporadic networking events. The candidate will not only be responsible for maintaining an annual new business quota, but will also be responsible for managing Account Managers and building the framework out for Departmental growth. We are looking for someone who is a self-starter, excited about building out processes, has a passion for design and manufacturing, and developing a team with endless potential.

Basic Requirements

  • Thorough knowledge of spreadsheets and other office tools.
  • Proven negotiations skills are a must.
  • Solid command of the English language: Both written and verbal.
  • Strong multi-tasking skills.
  • Flexible, friendly and engaging. Must be able to communicate in an encouraging and stimulating manner, on a frequent basis with upper management, individuals, groups, and subordinates.
  • Provide value-added solutions to customers based on customer needs and requirements.
  • Prior experience in contract sales, enterprise sales, and/or long sales cycles is required.
  • Use CRM system to enter and update sales calls, opportunities and customer contact information.
  • Experience hiring, training, and managing teams is a must. Proven leadership skills are required.
  • Capable of working in a team environment.
  • Ability to creatively work through resolutions.
  • Demonstrate creative, organizational, and collaborative skills.
  • Extremely organized and prioritizes project management tasks daily.
  • Detailed, succinct, and prompt communication skills are a must.
  • Collaborate with design, production, and finance teams on projects.
  • Work with finance department to always manage accounts receivables.
  • Possess the ability to proactively develop new and innovative ideas for expanding our current customer relations.  Always able to think outside the box at all times. 

Specific Position Requirements

  • 5-7 years of direct sales and management experience; high-end sales is preferred.
  • Always exploring and implementing creative solutions for automating internal sales processes while increase company efficiency.
  • Continually enforce and refine prospect qualification process with sales and customer service team.
  • Maintain a particularly high-regard towards sales and customer service scripts, processes, and overall customer service etiquette and tonality holding true to all Cristaux core values.
  • Refine and systematize our organizations quoting process.
  • Streamlining our current sales process and tightening sales cycle turnover. Always making sure all sales teams members have all up-to-date sales resources on-hand to do their jobs correctly.
  • Keep customer receivables below a 30 day balance and collect money as appropriate to ensure all customers stays in a healthy financial standing with the our organization.
  • Manage a strict annual quota.
  • Responsible for the evolving processes in managing returning business accounts, and the successful onboarding of established customers to thoroughly trained accounts managers.
  • Works closely with inner-departmental teams to meet commitments and pre-set objectives.
  • Works with Finance and Production teams to help move excess stock inventory and relays messages to correct sales and customer service team members.
  • Generates, shares, and reviews all necessary reporting with inner-department teams driving further innovation.
  • Should have experience working with a marketing team. The ideal candidate should have experience building processes w/ marketing teams to fine tune sales strategy.
  • Support sales and customer service teams with continual feedback (calls, emails, etc.), and assist with various custom project demands. Experience managing onsite and offsite is a plus.
  • Excellent communication skills, self-motivated, self-starter, sense of urgency, well organized and very personable.
  • Strong analytical understanding with a history of using KPI dashboards to operate a team and report results to senior management. Diligent management of key individual metrics and group revenue goals is required.
  • Conduct weekly sales meetings. Present bi-monthly forecasting reports for the executive team.
  • Possess experience working with ERP & Project Management Systems.
  • Manage, clean, and upkeep accuracy of data and reporting within the CRM.
  • Hires, trains, develops and manage accountability for all sales channels.
  • Make outbound sales calls and manage annual quota expectation.
  • Possess the ability to process projects from creation until in the customer’s hands.
  • Responsible for managing and onboarding established customer relationships, all while proactively finding and vetting new customer relationships – both domestic and international.
  • Responsible for overall customer happiness. Any forms of troubleshooting or problem resolution is to be overseen and managed by the Sales Manager
  • Successful onboarding of established accounts to trained account managers is a must.
  • Performs miscellaneous duties and projects as assigned and required.

Position Type

This is a full-time position. Hybrid position with 1-2 days a week travel to Elk Grove Village after initial training of 2 full weeks in the office.

Required Education & Experience

Minimum five (5) to eight (8) years of related sales and management experience. Experience in design and manufacturing is a big plus. Experience in the promotional products industry and high-end retail is an even bigger plus. No specific education requirement, but experience will be heavily assessed without it.

Preferred Education & Experience

Bachelors in Communication Arts or Business Management is preferred. Operations Management is a plus.

Qualifications and Physical/Mental Requirements

The Sales Manager must have direct experience in sales and customer service; particularly managing and acquiring enterprise sales contracts all while operating within longer sales cycles (anywhere from 30-120 days). Experience in the promotions-related industry is a major plus. The ideal candidate should resemble high levels of emotional intelligence and can read, interpret, manage and address the majority of customer needs. Making the customer feel comfortable during all stages of the sales cycle while remaining a true professional and in direct alignment with the Cristaux values and core principles.

Daily tasks include: Flexible with work hours. Once trained, may occasionally work from home or be on the road traveling to visit customers. Sitting, answering calls, computer work, responding to emails, occasionally walking and standing. Educating customers, conducting meetings, troubleshooting inquiries, qualifying new leads, etc. Interacting with small and large teams, executing while keeping laser focus on project goals, and having a positive attitude is a must. Letting your personality show!