Warehousing & Fulfillment

At Cristaux, we appreciate that our clients invest their trust in us. It's important to us that we do the same for our clients. Put simply, that means we don't rush your project out of our doors and into the hands of a third-party fulfillment company.

Instead, we rely on our warehouses in Chicago and the Los Angeles area to keep your products safe until they're needed. Once you have ordered and personalized your item, we pull it from our shelves and take care of all customization. We offer this service on both stock and custom products.

We also don't want you to worry if you have a large number of items to ship. We will happy palletize and arrange LTL shipping for you. Need international shipping? No need to sweat that either. After all, we've already shipped to over 90 countries. Need local shipping? Well, we might just hop in the car and head your way.