The Five Weirdest Golf Trophies in the World

Lauren Deegan

Golf is a distinguished sport. Golfers enjoy sponsorships from luxury brands and the upscale atmosphere at golf courses. Sometimes golfers even receive trophies to commemorate their achievements. One of the most famous awards in the world of golfing is the green jacket given to the winner of the Masters Tournament. Plenty of dazzling, traditional trophy cups are given to golfers too.

These high-class awards are all good and well, but is that all there is to the world of golf? At Cristaux, we love seeing what makes the successful unique. That’s why we just can’t get enough of these five odd golf trophies. Whether you find them glamorous or garish, there’s no doubt that they make a statement.

Crystal Bull Silhouette Golf Club Award

A Plaid Worth Wearing

The winner of the RBC Heritage tournament might not walk away with the distinctive green jacket given at the Masters Tournament, but that doesn’t mean there’s no jacket involved. In fact, there’s a stunning plaid jacket on the line at this Hilton Head Island event. The predominantly red jacket is in Heritage Plaid, which was registered as an official tartan in 1970.

Oh, That’s Just My Winning Dagger

The term “sticking it to the competition” takes on a new meaning with the Hassan II Trophy. That’s because the winner is awarded a decorative dagger complete with sparkling metal sheath. It’s an eye-catching prize, but the winner might find it challenging to make it through airport security with the dangerous-looking custom trophy.

A Jug No One Can Fill

The Claret Jug is one of the most storied and gorgeous trophies in the world of golf, so why not take the idea and make it big? That might be what the designer of the trophy award for the Dubai Desert Classic was thinking when creating this gigantic jug. Calling the jug gigantic is no exaggeration considering that it’s taller than some of the tournament’s winners. Don’t forget that it also has a long, pointy spout for an extra air of danger.

Did You Win that One in Africa?

The design for the Africa Open trophy is just as straightforward as can be. It’s a dark, rich piece of wood in the shape of the continent with a glittering golf ball and the event’s logo clashing on its flat surface. There’s a lot going on in this design, which might be why it needs a wide, sturdy wooden base to hold it upright. Look at a photo of the trophy with its winners and you’ll see that it’s quite a bit bigger than the average human head too.

What a Fancy Bottle of Water

Sleek, elegant design is celebrated at the Lyoness Open in Austria. The trophy for this tournament starts out strong as a tall, uniform obelisk in crystal and metal. Something about its construction, though, makes it look a bit more like a tall bottle of water than traditional obelisk. Perhaps it is more reminiscent of the cotton ball dispensers seen in medical offices. Whatever it is you see in this trophy, there’s no doubt that it’s out of the ordinary.

Silver Trophy With Poker Chips World Poker Tournament Champions Cup

Unique, Creative Designs

Some think a trophy is successful just because it’s eye-catching. At Cristaux International, we believe that catching an audience’s attention does matter. We also believe that beautiful, thoughtful design is essential. That’s why we make trophies and awards that are striking without being outlandish.

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