Top 9 Best Replica Designs

Samantha Mikos

Recognition comes in all shapes and sizes. The innovation that builds from recognition designs varies with each vision. Although the category of replica recognition might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of awards, it is a popular request when working with company-branded designs.

You might be thinking, “what exactly is a replica design?” Replica designs can be anything you dream up – from consumer product replicas or a company logo to a replica of a building in your city. Here are a few of our favorite replicas we have designed and manufactured over the years. 

Gearing up for Victory 

To become top dog in any competition, you must win a tournament or two. In the case of these gamers, the team that came out on top was not only crowned the champion, but they also got to hoist this massive trophy over their heads. 

With this 3D printed trophy measuring to 20 inches tall, this design took the cake by using technology to our advantage. 

The Future of Data 

Seeking a replica that includes a component of their logo, this client wanted to emanate their brand. This sales award design needed to bridge the gap between high achievements and company culture.

With a clear crystal top and a black base to bring out the company-branded colors, this piece is truly one-of-a-kind. The robot is even etched inside the crystal! 

A Bull Made from Bronze 

In the world of finance, it is not always easy to make your mark. This next design needed to celebrate the efforts a CEO took to pave the way for future innovation. Weighing in at just over forty pounds, this bull was crafted from bronze to depict the highest honor.  

Our team of designers saw this as an opportunity to really break the mold with recognition design. It also helps that the company brand had some fun colors to play with. 

A Pipeline for Success  

For this next recognition piece, it was important that the concept communicated all aspects of the featured business deal. Every part of the design signified a vital role in closing this deal. No detail was missed – even the water that filled the pipe was a crucial component!

Beer Made out of Gold

To misrepresent this iconic beer bottle would be a snafu beyond repair. Plated in 24k gold, this beer bottle paints the perfect picture of how hard work and partnerships go hand-in-hand. As a way to commemorate a popular sporting event, this replica stands out above the rest as one of the more striking designs. 

Drive in the Wins 

Although many recognition designs call for innovative ideas, we are not exactly reinventing the wheel… except when we are actually reinventing the wheel in this next replica design. 

While working with an automotive division, we created a detailed replica of a wheel to provide a forward motion concept. With a process called acid etching, the details of this wheel bring this recognition piece to life. 

A Chopper to the Scene 

Not only does this replica design scale a real-life helicopter, but it does so with an unmatched level of precision. By depicting the delicacy of these machines, this custom design achieved a balance between sincere appreciation and the bravery of the client. 

The Alternative Building Replica 

When it comes to replicas, buildings are one of the more common requests that we receive. While you may want to replicate the entire architecture of the latest project, there are options to explore when working with a tight budget.

This replica design used sketches of a building to mirror the dedication it took to make their dreams a reality. By using a process called acetate embedment, we can bind an image to a material and create a classy yet remarkable look. 

Shine Like a Pop Tart 

Searching for a sales award, this company sought a form of recognition that would authentically represent the brand. With a 3D format, this piece is electroplated in gold so the memory of this moment would shine for years to come. 

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