The New Climate of the Recognition Industry

Samantha Mikos
Andre Janus

Over the years, Cristaux has grown based on not only the needs of the business, but the evolving marketplace. Born out of necessityCristaux’s set out on a mission to break down the walls when it comes to traditional recognition. After the whirlwind this year, we are taking on a much larger task: adjusting to the ever-changing world of the recognition industry. 

Going into 2020, we had begun to develop out the solutions side of CristauxWhat was once just the next chapter of Cristaux is now a priority service offering due to the new climate of the recognition industry. Because we have previously developed systems for solutions such as drop shipping and inventory management, this part of the business has now become the most crucial aspect as we head into the new year. 

Problem Solving More than Ever Before 

Much of this year progressed as time went on, without any expectation or knowledge of when restrictions might subside, and life would regain some sense of normalcy. This kept much of the recognition industry on their toes. Our clients did not know where the industry was headed, and we could not predict when and how relief would come.  

It is because of this that our inventory management solution was redeeming feature. Not only did larger programs with in-person events have time to figure out their plan, but we were able to offer this as a safety net for events that were scheduled later in the year. 

Adjusting to the Virtual/Digital Event Space 

To celebrate and honor the high achievers of the world, events are happening every day all around us. While the COVID-19 pandemic has put a stigma on how we perceive in-person events moving forward, many of those programs are a major component of a business. To support the livelihood of their company, face-to-face events turned to a digital stage.  

With a virtual event, many of our clients sought out further resources to accommodate the lack of a high-touch experience that an in-person event brings. The awards became more pivotal than ever, and emphasis was made on how dire our solutions were. 

From white glove services like studio photography to personalized, step-by-step video footage of how an award was made, we saw the importance of elevating the experience for the recipient, no matter what the event situation was. 

Drop Shipping Mayhem 

While every work order had a different subset of problems, there was a common theme that strung through 2020. Since most events turned to digital platforms, clients faced a larger issue – how would they distribute the awards to each of their recipients if there was no in-person event? 

Many clients requested that each recipient receive their award on the exact day of the event, directly to their doorstep. This required Cristaux to process a substantial amount of individual drop shipments for each program. 

With furloughs and layoffs also playing a role, we ran into numerous roadblocks along the way. Nevertheless, this was the perfect time to reset their internal employee databases, seeing that their contact information and addresses were out of dateOftentimes, this caused multiple reshipments over the course of one order. 

Employees Adapting to Change 

Like many businesses during this past year, the team at Cristaux has joined together to achieve the unimaginable. From developing new skillsets to adjusting to the remote workplace, there is not one member of our Cristaux family that has not been pushed to the brink.  

Thankfully, we had systems in place to allow for an easy transaction with a front office, work-from-home lifestyleWe even staggered production schedules because although global manufacturing took a hit, the demand stayed steady. 

Not only that, but we have seen a beautiful cohesion with our clients more than ever before. The pandemic created a strong synergy between our team and clients with frequent communication – and it did not hurt that we got to see more friendly faces through daily digital meetings!  

Reflecting on the Future 

While we are still waiting for the day when we will see bumper to bumper traffic during rush hour, we have begun to normalize a new type of work week. Many offices have opened with interval schedules as we are starting to see a blend of the remote working hours mixed with in-person office visits. 

The most important transition that we will see is that clients will now have the option to choose whether they want to have a virtual or in-person event. With the tools in place to accommodate both types of events, there is no limit to the possibilities. 


The Cristaux team is excited to provide options that will grant any client’s wishes. Connect with our team today to find out how to take your program to the next level, no matter the situation