The Hands-Free Answer to Social Distancing

Samantha Mikos

Gone are the days where we find comfort in routine experiences such as opening doors, using an ATM or even touching buttons on an elevator. Due to the ever-pressing need to sanitize our lives, it is becoming inherently difficult to avoid the common spaces in our world that are, unfortunately, a breeding ground for bacteria. 

We have seen a handful of remedies on the market in the past few weeks. Ranging from aluminum to plastic, many of these “germ-free” solutions will not pass the test when it comes to preventing the spread of COVID-19.

It is because of this that Cristaux has crafted something that is unlike the rest. We are now manufacturing a 100% brass social distancing keychain that allows for a hands-free connection to the world. While this brass touch tool will calm all worries, what exactly makes it stand out over alternatives? 

1. Naturally Antimicrobial

While alternatives to this hands-free tool can come in varying forms, none of them will match the antimicrobial nature of brass. This type of metal can kill a range of microorganisms that are transferred to common surfaces by touch. 


A brass hands-free tool will help with day-to-day activities by offering a non-contact approach for interaction in most communal spaces. It is even a great alternative to using your hands when adjusting sink knobs (although we still support proper hygiene).

2. Holds Up Against Tough Times

Commonly used for hardware and musical instruments, brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. What this means is that both of those metals bind together to create a compound that has a stronger resistance to corrosion. 


A major anti-corrosion benefit of using brass for this keychain is that it will not rust. Measuring up against harsh environments, ordinary wear and tear will not break down the composition of this tool.

3. Multi-Functioning Solution

While this keychain not only has a classy look and feel to it, it serves a variety of functions. The spout hook is perfect to use while turning door handles. It can be used to pull open drawers and can even work as a hands-free way to carry a grocery bag. 


But since we are a creative company, we did not stop there. While this tool helps individuals get through everyday activities with ease, we also built it to double as a bottle opener. This way, you can use it well after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed!

Whether you are looking for a solution for when normal office hours resume, or you just want to share the benefits with your team, this touch tool is a great guide to help eliminate unnecessary contact. 

As we start to lift restrictions on everyday life, we want to do our part to provide the solutions you need to help ease back into normalcy. Connect with a member of our team to place an order for contactless keychains.