The Evolution of Recognition

Andre Janus
Samantha Mikos

After 13 years in business, Cristaux International has learned a thing or two about what clients are looking for. In turn, our business model has always centered around the needs of our clients. This way, our evolution of recognition solutions has allowed us to adapt to the changing marketplace and ultimately, put your needs first.

We do this for two reasons:

  1. We value strong partnerships more than a quick sale.
  2. If one client is requesting a particular solution, it is more than likely that other clients may be interested in that solution as well.

The evolution of recognition solutions has been a modest one. We have found out that while many clients have a need for seamless solutions, oftentimes, they might not be fully aware of the possibility. That is, they have never considered how effortless it can be for them to manage a successful recognition program.

Since discovering this, we have made it our mission to evolve our services to fit the ever-changing needs of the industry, and in turn, provide recognition solutions to all clients for a truly elevated experience.



Creative design solutions have been the bread and butter of Cristaux since the inception of the business. We have always put an emphasis on the fact that Cristaux is a creative company. If you’re looking for a recognition design to truly elevate your brand, we are the company for you.

Our team of industrial designers allow for your vision to grow to its fullest potential, and with that comes company and brand growth.



Ever wanted a sample of your design before you sign on for an entire program of inventory? Our rapid prototyping process allows for ease of just that. Since we believe that any “sold” concept should be seen first, we work tirelessly to provide a sample of the piece before we put it through final approval.

Rapid prototyping can be a bit complex with the diverse network of materials that we use. Although we have a lot of in-house capabilities, we are not shy to bend the ear of a neighbor. Since Cristaux has been located in the largest industrial park in America for the past 13 years, we have collaborated with some of the best fabricators out there. This way, we can take a design from concept to computer, and then to creation in sometimes under one week.

Cristaux Warehouse Inventory Management


Although inventory management has always been at the utmost importance for Cristaux, 2020 has truly changed the game. While we encountered the occasional client that needs to house excess inventory for extended periods of time, we now have worked through endless amounts of recognition projects that have been postponed.

Since Covid-19 first struck the US, we have been working to help aid any programs that have had to push off events until a later date. In doing so, we have acquired a new facility to expand our footprint. We safely store your order so that we can protect what matters most – your investment.

International Drop Shipping Packaging BoxingInternational Drop Shipping Packaging Boxing


Drop shipping has been a major part of our business model since day one. Similar to inventory management, it has grown in the past couple years due to the ease it provides for the client.

It is one thing to set up logistics to ship directly to your event, but it is a whole new level of recipient experience when you drop ship their recognition pieces directly to their home or office.

Additionally, we have proprietary shipping software that displays live dashboards of each shipment’s logistical data. This way, we can see real time tracking for all our shipments around the globe. Our branded shipping solution frees up more time for you to focus on more important tasks.



We understand the importance of being able to manage a program as it is scaling. That’s why our microsite management solutions have evolved tenfold.  

We have created a direct microsite solution where recipients and other specific clientele can come in and purchase awards directly. With this recognition solution, each client can manage all program sales from end-to-end through a dedicated site. 

Not only do we offer program management in a personalized microsite, but we also offer the opportunity for client commissions. This way, clients will have endless access to the program while sales can continue to grow.



As one of our more custom solutions for the client, white glove services are tailored to each specific need of the program. This solution was crafted out of the idea that we do not ever compromise quality, and therefore, there may sometimes be a need for extra care. 

For instance, we can send our team out into the field to provide direct door-to-door delivery. This way, the client investment is handled with the utmost care when it ships from our facility.  

Additionally, we offer onsite engraving for specific galas. Many award shows don’t know the winners of their event until that evening, therefore onsite engraving allows for an efficient turnaround for the recipient. This solution gives the experience a high touch feeling. 

The last element to white glove service is our videography and photography. Oftentimes, the client does not have the capacity to market their program recognition with the use of studio photoshoots. 

We love to show videography to the client to show them a sneak peak of how the product is being made in real time. This way, clients receive real time updates from when the prototype comes in, all the way to the full scope of how the production process is evolving. 


We are just as passionate about each program and want to see brands grow. Therefore, we know the road does not stop here. The evolution of recognition solutions will continue to evolve so long as we continue to put our client’s needs first.