Five Fancy Ideas for Staff Appreciation and Recognition

Employee recognition is an everyday mission. After all, getting the most out of your team means making sure that the people who go above and beyond know that they’re appreciated. Sometimes that’s a simple matter of giving verbal praise or a small gift. Read More

How to Increase Productivity through Employee Recognition

If you’ve ever read an article or blog about the benefits of employee recognition, you’ve probably heard that it can help increase productivity. On a fundamental level, it does make sense that employees who feel appreciated will be more likely to go the extra mile for your organization. Read More

The Role of Gender in Recognition: Men vs. Women

Tackling the question of how gender affects performance and recognition in the workplace poses a sticky situation. Most people agree that there are some things men and women do differently at work, but we all know that generalizations aren’t true for everyone either. Read More

20 Inspiring Quotes for Your Employee Recognition Program

Every successful CEO or executive has a knack for business, but they don’t all have a knack for words. You know that the right words are essential to employee praise, but maybe you’re not a poet, and that’s just fine. Read More

How to Attract (and Keep) the Best Employees

While some job markets are saturated with potential employees, executives and entrepreneurs who run the most successful and innovative organizations know that the top talent never seems to be in surplus. Read More

Praising Employees the Right Way: 8 Strategies for Effective Praise

It’s a foregone conclusion in the business world that praising and recognizing employees is important to organizational success. It helps motivate, encourage and guide your workforce. It has so many positives that there’s just no arguing against praise for employees. Read More

8 Ways Leaders Rock Employee Recognition

Employee recognition can do a lot for your organization. Want more engaged employees? Recognize them. Want better financial results from your employees? Recognize them. Whatever the results you’re aiming for, strong employee recognition practices can help you get them. Read More

Thirty Awesome Employee Recognition Award Ideas

Employee recognition is an important part of what your organization does. That means that it’s important to choose recognition awards that offer a high return on investment (ROI). At Cristaux International, we craft beautiful, high-quality awards that contribute to your company’s value proposition. Read More

Six Reasons an Employee Recognition Program is Essential to Your Business

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The Psychological Side of Employee Recognition

Most true leaders and entrepreneurs know that keeping their team motivated via praise and recognition is essential to overall organizational success. It just makes common sense that employees who feel like they matter and are recognized for their efforts are happier than those who feel that they’re unimportant. Read More