What You’ve Got to Know About Choosing a Deal Toy Company

Individual deal toys might not be worth a lot of money, but having one made is still an investment. Deal toys are a business matter, and it’s important to be confident when you’re choosing a company to meet your design needs. Read More

Drawing on Diverse Inspirations for Your Deal Toy Designs

Taking care of the design of your deal toy is the job of the company that you work with to produce it, but you likely want to participate in the process. Read More

Five big reasons why generic deal toys suck

Everywhere you look, you see generic designs. From grocery store ads to smartphones to seasonal fashions, there are all too many products out there that just don’t have anything special to say. Read More

Why a Rebound in the Deal Toy Market is Good News

Markets worldwide have been unpredictable in recent years. For financial professionals, looking at metrics that could indicate an overall rebound is important. While it might seem a little silly, we think that something as basic as the deal toy can provide valuable insight into where the market is going. Read More

Five Essential Design Decisions for Your Deal Toy

Working with successful financiers and bankers is something we love doing at Cristaux International. Developing a deal toy to commemorate a big transaction is part and parcel of what these professionals do, and we love bringing their visions to life. Read More

Toys for Titans: How Wall Street Celebrates Its Deals

Big activity is back on Wall Street, and with it comes the most curious of things. The market might still suffer from tremors, but bankers are optimistic. Their reignited love for the deal toy more than proves it. Read More

Why Deal Gifts Matter

There’s more than one financial industry observer out there who believes that deal toys and gifts are frivolous, unnecessary artifacts of another time. Some banking leaders have even adopted this attitude, eschewing what has always been an important tradition in finance because they don’t believe that deal toys have any value. Read More

Which Material is Right for Your Deal Toy?

One of the first things you’ll need to think about when you commission a deal toy is the material from which it will be made. The construction material has a huge impact on both appearance and project cost, which means that making a wise choice is about looking at both art and business. Read More

How to Make Sure Your Next Deal Toy Meets Your Budget

Deal toys are an important expression of recognition and appreciation, and they do a lot of intangible good for your organization. You love them. Your employees love them. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that you have some magic, unlimited budget to realize your deal toy needs. Read More

A Brief History of Deal Toys

More than a few successful bankers proudly display toy-like plastic objects on their desks. Such deal toys represent the meeting of pop art and big business, and they’re given only to the most important players in significant deals. Read More