Recognition Rules to Live By

Samantha Mikos
Rob Szafarowicz

In the busy world of recognition, it is common to lose sight of what qualifies as a successful program. While initial conversations with your vendor can seem simple and straightforward, an entire order can turn upside down without the slightest heads up. It is because of these unknowns that we have created a list of recognition rules that every client should live by when searching for a recognition vendor.

1. Expect Prompt, Clear and Honest Communication

From the first point of inquiry, a standard of communication must be established by your recognition vendor. While initial excitement may be in the air around the vision of the program, be sure to steer clear of any vendors that take more than 48 hours to respond. If that standard of communication is not established ahead of time, it is likely that poor communication will become the norm throughout the remainder of the production process.

Although prompt communication takes precedence, clear and honest conversations must be a priority as well. You may have a vision for a project that has flaws in the design. Without an honest vendor to help you through the creative process, the result may miss the mark on vision execution.

At Cristaux, we’re not just order takers. When we speak with a new client, we aim to understand the full scope of the project. This way, we can see the full potential. If there are any expectant flaws in production, we make sure to reroute the design so that the end result exceeds expectations.

2. Ensure Smooth Organizational Hand-Offs

Most recognition vendors will have multiple departments that work to process an order. Whether you are working with your sales rep or have received contact from an individual that completes an art proof, the process of communication must be seamless.

If you have not been informed ahead of time, you may request a list of the individuals that you will have communication with during the process. This way, you can familiarize yourself with the vendors internal process while communicating directly with the individuals working on your project.

At Cristaux, we have departments that specialize in the proofing, creative and production processes of each program. When each stage is complete, we have templated processes that help minimize error and avoid delays.

3. Request Accountability for Delivery of Product

Oftentimes, vendors do not have any control when it comes to the shipping process. This is because they outsource this part of the order to third-party fulfillment companies. This of course washes their hands clean from responsibility when it comes to the actual shipping.

Many vendors feel that their responsibility for the project ends when it leaves their facility. We at Cristaux take pride in staying accountable for each package, no matter the size. There is nothing more deflating than having your product arrive in pieces, so we overpackage to ensure 100% success upon delivery. We even automate tracking alerts and follow-up to guarantee that each package is delivered how it was meant to.

4. Seek Out Vendors with Personalization Control

When shopping for an award recognition vendor, it is important to vet their in-house capabilities. Transparency is vital to the production process. By finding out where the production process takes place, you may understand the full extent of your vendor’s production abilities.

It is often that clients never get to see the end product. At Cristaux, our in-house personalization capabilities extend past the decoration of a piece. Whether you seek a custom insertion, real-time production status updates or even studio photography, our team creates a high-touch experience to keep all parties informed and at ease.

5. Make Response Time a Priority

Similar to communication, response time must be on top of the list of factors that your vendor prioritizes. Some great conversations go silent, leaving the client unaware of what stage of the process their program has moved to until they receive a shipment notification.

The team at Cristaux ensures a response within 24 hours. Responsiveness means being there for our clients, and our goal is immediate response time. Realistically, our response team can reply anywhere from an hour after an inquiry to the full 24 hours, depending on the volume of programs we are working on during that timespan.

Our clients are our family. If there is a program that needs a little bit more high touch and attention, we frequently provide our own personal information to take our responsiveness to a whole new level.

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