Recognition Matters Now More than Ever

Samantha Mikos

Recognition is a vital component of every industry. Whether it is used to commend an individual for a job well done or to recognize a company for an outstanding achievement, recognition sets the bar high for future success. Now that the coronavirus effects on businesses have become prominent, recognition matters more than ever.

As we transition into a more widely accepted virtual workplace, we are seeing some businesses letting recognition slip through the cracks. With that, brand awareness, client retention and employee engagement have declined as well.   

While it is crucial to continue to incorporate recognition in your everyday life, the landscape has changed. Virtual conferences and social media chat features are now becoming essential to keeping the communication flowing.   

If you have recently secured a business-changing deal or you need to find a way to keep your storefront alive after foot traffic has dwindled, here’s how recognition will help you succeed. 


Client Retention 

One of the best outcomes of using recognition as a component of your business is client retention. Whether your program depends on client submissions to an award show or you give back to your top revenue drivers with a form of appreciation, recognition is always a great tool to drive growth. 

Continuing to support your community of clients will show them that no matter what, you appreciate them most. Without them, the business would likely not succeed. Ensuring that they feel the support will encourage client renewals to continue to come through the door.  


Keep Employees Engaged 

With the changing office landscape, it is crucial to keep employee engagement high. When employees are appreciated, it confirms that their work is valued, and in turn, motivates them to achieve higher goals. 

With a rise in productivity, recognition boosts brand and revenue growth. But the recognition itself does not have to be over the top. It can be something as simple as a branded essential keychain to help ease employees back to the office environment. This way, employees feel comfortable interacting with everyday common areas while they transition to the new normal. 


Celebrate Small AND Big Wins 

It is common to forget how important it is to celebrate the all wins. While constantly striving to reach goals, employees need a reminder of why they are putting in the hard work, day in and day out.  

With many businesses struggling to stay afloat, it may be harder to close some of those bigger, business-changing deals. Celebrating the wins as they come in will shape the future of your company, and will encourage repeat results.  


Keep Brand Awareness Alive 

By keeping up with your recognition program, you are keeping brand awareness alive. Whether it is a keepsake for an upcoming event show or a branded employee recognition piece, the company identity deserves to stand out.

For instance, if you have an awards program that requires submissions, you may start to lose entries if people are not being recognized this year. While it may seem like a short time from now, many people will overlook your company because it is no longer top of mind. 

Don’t lose sight of the appreciation that matters. Connect with our team to learn more about how your recognition matters and what you can do to adjust your to suit every need.