Consistent Product Quality in Custom Awards

Samantha Mikos

At Cristaux, we believe that if something starts out unorganized, the final product will reflect that. In a world of industrialized creation, a simple system of production no longer does justice. With the introduction of the division of labor, there must be a method to the madness to avoid human error. This evolution of standard work roles has shaped the concept of processes, a quintessential component to the success of a company. 

Initially established to streamline production at a cheaper rate, the concept of processes has evolved as a means to create consistent products that allow for scalable growth. Although there is more than one type of process, the approach to establishing one must be done with in-depth precision. 

When it comes to recognition projects, there is a process for each stage of the journey. No one procedure is more important than the other and each play an integral part in creating a system that free flows with consistent product quality and automation. 


Without a method of processes, there is no standard of order. There is a variety of moving parts to a manufacturing process. It is common for a new individual to join the project flow during each stage of development. From sales to design, to implementation, the opportunity for human error to occur is boundless.

It can cause a lot of stress when communication gets blurred between the client and vendor. Emails get cluttered, design attachments are misplaced, and previously discussed conversations are forgotten. By implementing a process for each stage of manufacturing, everyone can ensure fluidity in their work, from inbound orders all the way to production.  

This allows a company to form a level of transparency that exposes roadblocks and common pitfalls that might otherwise be overlooked. At Cristaux, every individual has a step-by-step checklist in place to maintain consistent work and achieve optimal output. When we know what to expect, we can predict and avoid the setbacks.  


Streamlining automation allows a business to reach its full potential. Not only do automation processes free up redundancy but they also allow for a broad visibility of each project.

Accountability becomes a major concern in mass production. With streamlined automation, visibility is enhanced to elevate the level of accountability for each moving part. This heightened level of individual responsibility results in smoother and more efficient communication while the length of time it takes to complete a project is reduced. 

If something is not moving at the set automated standard, reevaluate the process. Establish a constant stream of communication and discuss all issues that arise during each process. 

When a new order joins the queue, we are proactive by holding ourselves to high standards and continuously finding areas for improvement. 

Our processes center around exceeding client expectations and enhancing the overall project quality. Each procedure creates a fluidity in production and to assure quality control. We continually strive to better our processes because continued progress is key to our success.