Package Theft: The Scoop on Scooped-Up Parcels

Samantha Mikos

With online shopping ramping up, home deliveries grow more popular. Innocent boxes sit on doorsteps, practically free for the taking. Some homeowners install front-door cameras, but is that enough to prevent package theft?

At Cristaux International, we offer drop shipping. We empower customers to directly ship custom awards and gifts to recipients’ personal residences. However, this convenience may be threatened by the possibility of stealing. Your recipients have worked so hard and deserve to hold their trophies in their hands, but what do you do if that experience is intercepted?

Cristaux branded shipping boxes being loaded into FedEx truck for Drop Ship

Packages ready for shipment.


What Is Package Theft?

Package theft is the stealing of delivered goods. With the uptick in e-commerce, many consumers have countless packages shipped to their homes. If they’re not there when the parcels are delivered, then their rightful goods are left unattended and only protected by the good nature of others not to steal it.

At Cristaux, our recognition pieces are not immune to this. We offer drop shipping so that organizations can ship awards and gifts to recipients’ homes and offices. This service has grown very popular due to the influx of remote or cancelled events. Drop shipping makes it possible for honorees to still feel appreciated and receive their tokens of commemoration. However, packages have been stolen from recipients’ homes.

Who Is Responsible for Package Theft?

There are no U.S. laws claiming any party – besides the thief – is responsible. You cannot charge the purchaser, the selling organization, or the delivery company.

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How Cristaux Helps, What You Can Do

Given that we send out shipments every day, the Cristaux team has developed tactics to protect our clients’ orders. For example, we track every one of our drop shipments all the way to the recipient to avoid package theft.

For any recognition program, package theft deprives hard-working individuals of their deserved awards. There are additional things you can do if your packages are stolen and to prevent future theft. Learn how to improve your security and peace of mind.

Call the Police

If the package you were expecting was of great worth to you or if you want documentation of the incident, then contact your local law enforcement. This is not needed but may help you feel supported.

Ask the Seller for a Replacement

Some organizations may be willing to replace your order. Contact them and respect whichever policy they have in place. If they do supply a replacement, then make sure to arrange a safe arrival. Align the delivery window within a timeframe when someone will be home. Oftentimes, logistics carriers are open to adjusting the delivery timeframe to accommodate your needs. This way, you can avoid future theft.

Fedex Truck Express Shipping Business

Contact the Shipping Company

Like contacting the police, contacting the shipping company who delivered your package could help you seek support. Also, you could alert them with potential threats to their customers. If possible, you can ask those who deliver your package to send it to a different location like your workplace or family member’s home.

Ensure Your Info Is Safe

Contact your bank and make sure your credit accounts and identity are protected. Most likely, your information is secure. However, a quick phone call could provide you with great peace of mind.

Track Your Order

Most companies coordinate with delivery carriers like UPS and FedEx to provide customers with tracking information. Typically, you will receive a tracking number. Online, you can follow your package as it makes its way to you. Once it’s delivered, you should be notified and can claim your package before someone else does.

With Cristaux deliveries, we share tracking information directly with each recipient via email. This way, every drop shipment can be monitored closely to ensure safe delivery.

Delivery Man Walking With Cardboard Boxes

Ask Your Neighbors for Help

If you are waiting for a package to arrive but must go out of town, then kindly reach out for assistance. Your neighbors can hold onto your package for you until you return home, keeping it safe in the meantime.

Secure Your Home

Homeowners may install a camera near their front door to record any activity taking place on their property. This can capture potential package theft. Also, you can install a delivery box on your porch that can hold and secure packages until you get home to collect them.

Protection for Your Packages

Package theft can be a real threat to your recognition efforts. To organize the greatest program for your team, consider all your shipping and security options. Your honorees deserve their proper recognition, and your team can use many tools to ensure safe and complete deliveries.

Contact Cristaux to discuss our shipping options.