Invest in a Top-Notch Recognition Vendor

Samantha Mikos
Rob Szafarowicz

While there is no shortage of recognition manufacturers, it is hard to find a partner that puts your needs first. Although this may require a higher price point, if you find a high-quality manufacturer, chances are, they will be willing to go above and beyond to ensure your project does not break the bank. This is because when you invest in a top-notch recognition vendor, you can expect top-notch results.

High Levels of Customer Service

Guaranteed satisfaction, proven results and dedicated customer services are all catch phrases that many companies throw around. We hear them everywhere, but oftentimes, we are never completely satisfied with our overall experience.

When you find a top-notch recognition vendor, you will know. You won’t have to guess what stage your project is in. Account managers at a top-notch recognition manufacturer will proactively connect with you at all stages of your order.

At Cristaux, our team of experts put the client’s needs first. We appreciate accountability and project management, and it is our mission to ensure that each client is able to make fully informed decisions on all aspects of their recognition program.


Specialized Services

With a recognition partner that goes above and beyond, you can expect that the services they provide may be a little “extra.” It is important to seek this out with your recognition vendor during initial conversations.

In the case of Cristaux solutions and services, we offer access to studio photography and specialized videography. This way, if you would like to promote your recognition program internally or externally, we give you the tools to do so. And your brand will shine because of it.

Reliability and Consistency

If you are working with a high-end recognition partner, an important measure to qualify their worth is on whether or not they have control over the quality of their work.

Oftentimes, quality in a final product can change over the duration of a recognition program. In the case of many manufacturers, they are unable to avoid this disruption in quality and in even more drastic instances, they are not even aware of the change.

Anyone can be a rockstar while producing a few pieces, but in order to put the client’s needs first, the quality must to be the same on day one as it is on day 300. The Cristaux team has a production facility located in the largest industrial park in the United States. This way, we have quality control under our own roof.

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Automated Services

One of the bigger signifiers that will differentiate your vendor from the rest is whether or not they have automated services. This plays a key roll in efficiency and while it may be very important for effective program management, many vendors do not have it.

When your recognition partner automates some of their services, it takes the weight off your shoulders. Whether there is an automated shipping email that is sent out after an order is processed, or you receive an automated invoice message to find details on payment, the overall effect on productivity is astounding.

Maybe it would help if an automated shipment tracking was sent to all of your award recipients. Maybe you currently do not receive any high level automation with your order process. Either way, Cristaux has you covered. We challenge ourselves every step of the way to continuously build better systems for our clients.

Overall Quality

When you find a high-end recognition partner, you will find that the overall quality of the experience is unmatched. From the beginning communication all the way to the best sourced materials for your program, a top-notch recognition vendor will make sure that what you invest into your program will be matched with what you get out of it.

The Cristaux team of experts dedicate their time to learning all of our client’s needs, no matter the situation. We prefer a consultative approach because we value partnerships over profit. We are here to help guide our clients to make informed decisions. This way, we can always ensure that fashion matches function.

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