Global shipping of wood: implications for award manufacturing

Samantha Mikos

The international economy is always changing. The ups and downs have a great effect on global shipping and the procurement of materials. In the world of recognition, award vendors like Cristaux use different materials to create beautiful custom awards and gifts. However, sourcing wood has grown more complicated, with intensifying laws and rising prices. By learning more about related practices and policies like the Lacey Act, manufacturers and clients can adapt and evolve their recognition programs.

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What is the Lacey Act?

The Lacey Act helps combat environmental crimes like illegal wood harvesting. The law was originally created to prevent the interstate sales of wildlife illegally shot, trapped, or taken in private or unpermitted places in the United States. Since its start, the act has expanded to protect more wildlife and to involve foreign law.

Why is the Lacey Act important to award manufacturers? The Lacey Act complicates the sourcing and global shipping of wood, a material commonly used to make trophies and gifts. With more time and vendors focused on adhering to this legislation, material prices can rise, and delays can worsen.

Material costs

Some countries, including the United States, have tariffs on goods from the world’s leading wood exporters like China. These tariffs can drive up material costs by causing US-based manufacturers to use more time and money to seek out other vendors. Additionally, illegal deforestation and wood harvesting drive competition and prices for legally sourced options.

With growing rates in mind, clients can collaborate with award vendors to explore different cost-effective options. For example, the Cristaux team can consult with clients to discover other materials that may achieve the same vision.

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Shipping and production delays

Already understaffed, manufacturing and procurement teams are stretched thin. They must use more time and resources to ensure they follow complex global shipping laws and policies. For instance, a company must declare new wood being imported to the United States per the Lacey Act, and the declaration must be completed perfectly.

With more time and effort spent on understanding and confirming legal business practices, award vendors may experience shipping and production delays. The time needed to manufacture and personalize awards may grow longer. It’s important to plan ahead of time and to act fast when ordering program awards.

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Design adaptations

To avoid rising costs and to circumvent the growing demand for legally sourced wood, clients can change their award designs to feature other materials like crystal and metal. With a flexible vendor, these changes can be easily made. For instance, acrylic can be molded to make a light-weight replica of an originally wooden award base.

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Final thoughts on global shipping

One perk of complicated global shipping is that it helps grow domestic business. By collaborating with a well-connected awards vendor, companies can find which materials and suppliers can make their recognition dreams come true. With the spirit of flexibility and innovation, recognition programs and designs can evolve into something never thought of before.

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