Four Unique Ways to Award Deal Toys

Samantha Mikos

Deal toys are a cornerstone in the financial industry, and your organization invests the time and talent in getting your deal toys right. Your employees appreciate receiving and displaying them, and you consider that a win. But have you ever thought that you could go even farther with your deal toy celebrations? Instead of handing them out at a team meeting or over a boring business dinner, consider these four unique ways to award deal toys to your top performers.

1. Throw a Grand Gala

Instead of hosting a regular business dinner, throw a red-carpet gala for a high-performing team. Check with venues in your local area to see if there’s a theater or art gallery that could host your event. Send out formal invitations to your employees and let them know that they can dress as fancy as they want for this special event. To make the night a success, you’ll need to appoint a host and select a presenter to hand out each deal toy. Of course, appetizers and drinks will go a long way towards making this night a big success as well.

2. Personalized Delivery

Is there a leader or mentor in your organization to whom everyone looks for inspiration and advice? Ask that individual to personally deliver deal toys to every employee’s office. Personalized delivery is a great way to recognize key team members if your organization doesn’t have the time or money to host a special event just for that purpose. In addition to having the esteemed individual deliver the deal toys, ask them to sit down and talk with the employees being honored for a few minutes. Think of this as a combined deal toy presentation and mentorship session for the best in your organization.

3. Host an Unveiling

Imagine that you were installing a new statue or piece of art in your office. You might have an unveiling ceremony to show it off to your whole organization. Why not do the same with your deal toys? Invite everyone in your office down for afternoon snacks and an unveiling ceremony. Place one of your deal toys on a pedestal and cover it with a brightly colored cloth. When it’s time to do the unveiling, ask a team or organization leader to say a few words and pull off the cloth. Then, hand out individual deal toys to every member of the team being honored.

4. Invite the Office for Breakfast

Getting your whole office together for breakfast is a great way to build your team and communicate company goals. An office-wide breakfast also provides the perfect opportunity to recognize key members of the deal team. As everyone sits down for breakfast, ask team members and company leaders to talk about the deal being honored. Allow team members to give shout-outs to one another during this time too. As the breakfast winds down, hand out deal toys to individual team members. It’s a unique twist that can be pulled off with just a few days of planning.