Employee Recognition: Our Best Ideas

Samantha Mikos

March 5, 2021, was Employee Appreciation Day. In 1995, Dr. Bob Nelson, an author and advocate for employee recognition, founded this national holiday. It reminds us to strengthen the connection between employers and employees. Since then, companies have celebrated employees with varying degrees of heart. 

Over the years, the Cristaux team has seen every fold of employee appreciationFrom outdated trophies to crumpled certificates, many employee recognition programs have lost their touch, and perhaps, their purpose. 

At Cristaux International, we work with clients to innovate solutions, capture memories, and celebrate accomplishments. Now, we’d like to help companies show their organization that they truly care. In doing so, we made a list of some of our favorite ways to recognize employees.


Intangible Forms of Employee Recognition

As humans, we want to be recognized to feel confident. So, companies personalize their employee recognition programs to be meaningful and sincere. For example, there is a big difference between a mass email sent to every team member and a hand-written note. The latter is made for each employee, giving power to personalizationThis effort will make your employees happy and improve morale, quality of work, and more. 

You can also recognize employees by enjoying lunch together and celebrating achievements. A simple gesture like this goes a long way. It also helps encourage other employees to accomplish their goals. Furthermore, you can align your praise to your company values. This will ground everyone in your mission and vision.


Oftentimes, companies do not understand the positive impact of showing appreciation for employees. That is to say, employee recognition programs are neglected. However, these easy solutions can have a lasting impact. They help cultivate a healthy workplace environment, and that is priceless.


Tangible Forms of Employee Recognition

Appreciation Awards make recognition feel substantial.  The awards ceremony may momentarily take the spotlight. However, the weight of that piece of art lasts forever. 

Giving that feeling to recipients is rewarding in itself. By making your designs purposeful, you can have that feeling in your program. You may create product replicas or years-of-service awards. Regardless, always remember the award’s purpose, and let it guide the design.

Every project is an opportunity to design something that employees can be proud of. From company-branded awards to sales award programs, a brand’s personality must be preserved. Above all, personalized recognition must be evident in your employee appreciation program. 


While other awards age and repeat themselves, it is important to push the limit of creative designs. Beyond using company-branded content, you can use unique materials like LED neon lights. This will create special awards and experiences. 

We are not making empty promises. For many of our clients, we have developed in-house award programs. These honor each employee’s years of service with an innovative and memorable design. We have also developed our internal recognition program inspired by our lovable office dog.

Change The Pattern

It’s easy to be distracted by the everyday work cycle. For instance, you become so busy and preoccupied with deadlines and meetings. As a result, you forget to recognize those around you. We also forget to question corporate standards of recognition. However, that won’t bring you and your team sustainable joy. 

Alongside Dr. Nelson, we are advocates for recognition. In short, we produce awards that exceed expectations. Then, we ensure they get to the employees who exceed expectations every day. 

So, show your team some love and join us in our crusade. Let’s make Employee Appreciation Day 2022 the greatest one yet. 

Imagine how you and your employees want to be celebrated. Share your ideas with us and connect with the Cristaux team.