Deal Toy Programs: How to Save Time and Money

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Samantha Mikos

Business is going well. Your team is closing deal after deal after deal, and their hard work deserves to be celebrated. However, you don’t have the time, resources, or knowledge to design a custom deal toy for every achievement. When you’re stretched thin and burnt out, it’s easy to neglect recognition efforts.

Now is the time to gain a larger scope of your options – introducing deal toy programs! Inspired by other award programs, you can create longevity for your deal toys. At Cristaux International, we take a consultative approach to educate you on what is possible for your recognition plans. We support you to get back to your work, while we do what we do best.

Continue reading to learn more about deal toy programs, benefits, and the steps to create a program special for your organization.

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What Is a Deal Toy Program?

A deal toy program is a type of recognition solution that centers on a client’s base award that can be personalized and quickly produced with each completed business transaction. It differs from a deal toy project that creates a custom award for each transaction. With a program, you design a spectacular award once and pull it from inventory and customize as needed.

A deal toy program may not be suitable for celebrating a once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment. For those special occasions, a custom project can be used to create something marvelous. Regardless, individual projects and overall programs can work together. You can celebrate those extra special accomplishments in tandem with your routine recognition.

Using a deal toy program is like pulling stock piecesHowever, you can make your base piece special to you by applying your unique company brand and altering structural elements like color. Your award is your own special concept, unreplaceable and unique.

Examples of similar programs include quarterly sales awards or years of service awards. These designs are reinvented as employees achieve new milestones. However, the base award remains a constant tying all the pieces together. These programs project cohesion and celebrate your brand.

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The Benefits of Deal Toy Programs

There are many advantages to deal toy programs. Consider the following to discover how this solution could improve your business.

Save Time

The first way you save time with deal toy programs is by not having to spend hours designing a new award for each transaction. Instead, you invest time on the front end to design and approve of the initial concept. Then, you save time with every transaction afterwards.

Additionally, you’ll save time by not having to wait on prototyping, manufacturing, and more. By having pieces stored in inventory and ready to go, your supplier can quickly personalize, ship, and turnaround your order. Thanks to this time-saving process, you can recognize your team in a timely fashion.

Save Money

Explained by economies of scale, larger orders are less expensive. Your vendor can produce each piece at a lower cost as compared to ordering fewer pieces. These bulk investments are larger upfront but grow more valuable overtime. This streamlined process will also reduce costs by using the same design, materials, and production techniques.

Grow Branding

To build brand awareness, you must be consistent. What’s more consistent than a company branded deal toy program? First, you can prioritize your branding in the initial design, to ensure your organization is celebrated with every award. Additionally, you can grow the brand of your partners by easily featuring them in a more neutral base design.

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How to Create a Deal Toy Program

All day long, you can learn about what is possible for your team. However, it can’t be your reality until it’s actionable. Consider the following steps to create your own deal toy program.

  1. Design your base concept. This part of the process will feel like the typical design consultation for any award. During this time, it’s important to focus on creating a universal piece to flatter all future transactions. Also, create a piece with the space to fairly feature you and all the other parties involved in each deal. This may include buyers, sellers, lawyers, and financiers.
  2. Complete client onboarding. At this time, you will be inducted as a client and move through the design approval, quoting, production, and shipping for your first order.
  3. Contact your supplier for new orders as needed. When it’s time to celebrate your next deal, contact your supplier to request a new order. Also, provide them with important information like the deal’s details and any updated logos for you or your partners. Now, you’ll save time by not having to repeat the creative process.

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How to Design Your Deal Toy

Because you will be reusing this design, it is crucial that you love your base concept and create something to separate your team from the rest. Celebrate your brand with something truly one-of-a-kind. Consider the following ideas to differentiate your deal toy design.

  • Make your brand the focal point. You can opt for a simple feature of your company brand by precisely printing your logo and using your brand’s colors. Or you can choose a more complex design and etch your logo into each piece.
  • Create space for all the important details. We know we already mentioned this, but it’s worth mentioning again. It is customary to feature all parties in the deal toy’s design. Make sure you have adequate room to honor all involved and the details of this momentous achievement.
  • Add custom insertions. When deciding how to box and ship your deal toys, consider creating branded insertions to add personal, valuable touches. Pair your product with a larger message. For example, you could include a hand-written note from your CEO congratulating your team on a job well done.

Deal Toys

Save Yourself the Stress

Now that you understand more of your options, take your time to decide if a deal toy program is right for you. If you’re looking to save on resources and maintain high-quality recognition, then strongly consider this route. Rather than adding more responsibilities to your workload, opt for efficiency tailored to your brand and story.

Contact the Cristaux team to start your deal toy program.