Which Material is Right for Your Deal Toy?

Lauren Deegan

One of the first things you’ll need to think about when you commission a deal toy is the material from which it will be made. The construction material has a huge impact on both appearance and project cost, which means that making a wise choice is about looking at both art and business. There are conventions, but there’s no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to the material for your deal toy. Knowing your options will help you navigate the design process with confidence.

Lucite Deal Toy Of US Map With Black Base And Metal Name Plate


Lucite acrylic is the long-time standard when it comes to deal toys. This translucent material offers a smooth, hard finish without the weight of crystal or glass. It’s the central material in the aptly named Lucite tombstone, but it’s also incredibly flexible and can be used for an array of projects.

This is a moldable material, so it can take on any form that you like. If you’re looking for a realistic product replica for a deal toy, we’ll likely suggest this acrylic. Lucite is also ideal for deal toys with embedments because it can be poured at room temperature.


Glass has visual qualities similar to Lucite, but it must be shaped at high temperatures and isn’t suitable for the embedments and fine detailing associated with many deal toys. Nonetheless, glass is a great choice if you’re looking for a strong, heavy material that can simultaneously convey ambition and playfulness. Glass is also an excellent choice for simple deal toys and financial tombstones that will be finished with etching.

Crystal building replica deal toy on marble base


Crystal is also widely used to craft deal toys. Outranked only by Lucite, crystal offers an elegant look with plenty of sparkle. Its clarity and beauty mean that it’s the ideal choice for a dazzling tombstone with etched text. Different types of crystal offer different degrees of refraction with optical crystal being ideal for display in areas with strong sunlight. All crystal can be beveled and polished for a stunning, high-end look.


Metal speaks for itself when it comes to sturdiness and sleekness. It’s not commonly used for deal toys, but that doesn’t mean that you should rule it out. Metal awards might be a perfect choice if metal is a material widely used in your industry or if you’re trying to communicate a message about your brand’s stability and quality. For deal toys made primarily from other materials, it can be used to add decorative accents. Metal also impresses when it comes to variety with many types used for custom pieces.

Marble And Clear Crystal Deal Toy


Stone is another material that really speaks to sturdiness and longevity. We generally use polyresin and stone resin for deal toys because they offer superior handling and flexibility. Because they’re still natural materials, each deal toy made from these stone powders will be unique in its own way. It’s a great choice for companies honoring deals involving factors from sustainability to real estate. After all, it speaks to earthiness. Stone has got a grounded feeling that few other materials can offer.


Wood is much like stone in that it’s the ideal material for deal toys that demand an organic look. Of course, it’s also commonly used for deal toy and tombstone bases and presentation cases. Wood can be used to make deal toys in both custom and standard shapes, but it’s important to remember that crafting a detailed wood piece can be incredibly time consuming and a bit pricier than other options. A variety of species are used to add decorative details to deal toys too.

Metal And Wooden Deal Toy With Leather Base

Materials for Any Vision

Each material brings a unique character to deal toy design. From sleek metals to warm woods, you can create anything and celebrate in style. 

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