Drawing on Diverse Inspirations for Your Deal Toy Designs

Lauren Deegan

Taking care of the design of your deal toy is the job of the company that you work with to produce it, but you likely want to participate in the process. We’d even say that it’s essential that you do because you know your organization’s success the best. At Cristaux, we love when our clients come to the table with deal toy design ideas. Of course, we also know that’s easier said than done. If you need to have a deal gift designed but don’t know where to start, think on these seven often overlooked sources of inspiration.

Play up the name by which your organization called the project

Big deals that take time to negotiate and close tend to be referenced by code names within individual organizations. It might not seem like much to go on, but share the project’s name with your designers. There just might be something about it that inspires a brilliant idea.

Focus on location, location, location

If your transaction has a particularly strong geographical component, consider referencing it in your deal gift. This is an especially good source of inspiration if you’re celebrating an interstate or international deal. We’ve also seen some gorgeous toys for real estate deals that make the most of location.

Bring together assorted elements of the deal

Many different things went into bringing the big deal to fruition. Maybe this particular deal was characterized by long nights at the office and extended negotiations. Perhaps it represents a merger between two very different industries. These might seem like details that are unimportant when it comes to deal toy design, but our designers think they offer a great source of inspiration.

Play on the type of transaction completed

A merger calls for different visual imagery than an auction. The type of transaction that you’re celebrating should be central to the design process when it comes to your deal toy. Whether or not it’s visually reflected on the surface of the design, the type of transaction celebrated certainly plays a huge role in the overall spirit of the final piece.

Make reference to a running joke

With almost every big deal come inside jokes. Why not play off one of these when crafting your deal toy? Working on a big transaction brings a lot of pressure, and such jokes likely brightened the mood at stressful times. Incorporating such a joke into a deal toy not only delights key team members today but will also inspire them when they’re stressed in the future.

Highlight the transaction’s significance

Everyone in the financial world knows what deal toys represent in general, but it should also be clear what your deal toy represents in particular. That means highlighting what it is that makes the transaction so important to your organization. You might be celebrating big numbers, but you’re likely celebrating something else too. The design team at Cristaux is experienced at creating deal toys that encapsulate what a big transaction really means for your organization.

Reflect the visual culture of your partner organization

Think about your deal’s partner organizations when you create a toy to celebrate it. Drawing on visual signifiers from partner organizations can be a great way to convey the spirit of the transaction. Think colors, images or products associated with that organization.

Truthfully, a deal toy can be inspired by the smallest things. At Cristaux, we’re successful in satisfying all of our clients because we know how to translate inspiration into gorgeous finished pieces. Talk with us about what your deal itself means, and we’ll talk with you about a design that represents that.