Five Essential Design Decisions for Your Deal Toy

Lauren Deegan

Working with successful financiers and bankers is something we love doing at Cristaux International. Developing a deal toy to commemorate a big transaction is part and parcel of what these professionals do, and we love bringing their visions to life. Of course, designing a deal toy doesn’t require the same skill set as handling a major transaction. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean that you have to feel like you’re out of your depth when you’re working with us. In addition to the overall style and spirit of the gift, here are five big design factors you’ll need to weigh when it comes to your deal toy.

Material & Production Process

The modern-day progeny of the original Lucite tombstones, deal toys today are still crafted primarily from Lucite and acrylic. Crystal and glass are also popular choices for these toys. However, that doesn’t mean that these are your only options. At Cristaux, we work with a wide array of materials including

The material that you choose dictates the production method that can be used to create your piece. We’re happy to design deal toys from practically any material. If you’re looking for a deal toy with embedments, we generally recommend Lucite as it can be poured at room temperature.

Branding & Personalization

There are a variety of materials and methods that can be used to complete personalization. That’s why it’s essential to think about exactly what you want in terms of branding. Do you want to focus on your organization’s colors, or would you prefer to create a design that uses a branded logo? Would you like to have an exact replica of one of your products created, or are you interested in something else entirely? Knowing what you want in terms of branding during the early phases of the design process helps ensure that your final piece truly reflects your organization and its values.

The Fine Details

When it comes to finer details, most deal toys aren’t terribly complicated. This isn’t an item which usually calls for hand brushing or painting, but that doesn’t mean that the fine details don’t matter. Detailing is essential to branding and helps to make your piece look custom instead of generic. Detailing is completed using an array of techniques including digital printing, object embedment, sand etching and 3D lasering. Think about the little things about your deal toy that could really make it pop.

Finishing Techniques

The surface finish of your piece rounds out the design and ensures that it looks professional and polished. Detailed techniques such as brushing or hand painting aren’t generally necessary for deal toys. Simpler finishing techniques such as leafing, polishing, mirroring and electroplating tend to be best. Remember that the finish style should round out your piece but not overwhelm it.

Presentation & Packaging

Too many execs get so caught up in the process of designing a deal toy that they forget that packaging does matter. It might not be polite to judge a book by its cover, but you can certainly judge a deal toy by the box in which it’s presented. We create custom packaging so that absolutely everything about your deal toy sends a message of accomplishment and value. At Cristaux, we’re experts in sending just those messages. We understand the spirit and tradition of deal toys, and we’re here to help you honor it.