Custom Figurine Awards: Design Ideas, Examples

Samantha Mikos

Every organization starts with one monumental person or a team of founders. Some recognition programs are developed in honor of these exceptional people, to celebrate their continued impact and inspiration for others. Custom figurine awards can feature these respective figures in innovative ways.

The Cristaux team believes in purposeful concepts. We want every recognition piece we create to mean something special for the members of its organization. Awards, gifts, and trophies are all opportunities to tell your company’s story and to honor those who came before you.

Crystal Sand Etch Gold Color Fill

Honor Legacies with Creative Design

Your organization has its own unique story to tell. Your history deserves to be captured in one-of-a-kind recognition pieces. Company branding is more than a logo. It includes values, founding members, and pivotal products. You can develop a recognition program that honors your history year after year and spotlights those who carry on your vision.

A creative design team balances expertise and emotions to develop unique concepts that bring your recognition vision to life. You bring your story, and they bring their tools and industry knowledge.

Ideas for Custom Figurine Awards

There are many different tools and tactics you can use to pay homage to important figures of your company. It’s important to keep an open mind when collaborating with designers and engineers who bring forth diverse ideas. You can bring your vision to life in many different ways. Consider the following ideas to feature people in your award design.

Bronze Statue Award Of Spartan Warrior

Examples of Custom Figurine Awards

There are many examples in our portfolio that capture the likeness of important figures for different organizations. Below are some of our favorite projects we have worked on.

Founders Captured in Art

First, the Cristaux team proudly produces medallions and plaques for the James Beard Foundation Awards. These custom medals feature the famous founder himself. We spent over 25 hours remodeling his face to ensure an accurate recreation. These recognition pieces continue his legacy, inspiring further culinary art and innovation.

With a specific idea in mind, Mental Health America came to us to create recognition awards honoring their founder Clifford W. Beers. These crystal awards feature his printed profile and name. We shaped the crystal in such a way to refract light and to create a dazzling effect for all viewers.

Last, we designed custom medallions for Zendesk. Their team was organizing a President’s Club trip and creating corresponding awards. They wanted to feature the CEO’s face in a seamless design. Our team eagerly took on the challenge and recreated the CEO’s likeness in polished metal pieces.

Custom Gold Medallion Coin And Presentation Case

Historical and Fictional Figures

Benjamin Franklin inspired this next design. The Premier Print Awards commemorate achievements in the printing industry. One of the honors features the famous Benny Award Statues. Our team created these recognition pieces from a custom mold. We also used antiquing methods to give Mr. Franklin a unique effect.

Each year, the Healthcare Distribution Alliance hosts its DIANA recognition program. DIANA is an acronym that stands for “Distribution Industry Award for Notable Achievements in Healthcare.” Their team and ours collaborated to create a custom award statue of a fictional woman named Diana. The golden figure and marble base pair beautifully together and radiate elegance.

Gold Statue Woman Marble Base

Another client of ours wanted to create a custom corporate gift for their CEO who led the company for 30 years. The novel Atlas Shrugged inspired this design. The recreated statue holds a branded crystal piece and stands on a commemorative base featuring a special quote.

For a different project, Cristaux was called upon to create custom awards for distinguished members of the Marines. The design was inspired by Spartan warriors. The completed piece was crafted from bronze and features intricate details.

Animals and Awards

This category is dedicated to the custom awards that feature animals in their designs.

First, we created sales awards for Ferguson HVAC. These pieces were inspired by a Siberian tiger climbing a mountain and used to recognize sales leadership. Our team crafted a tiger out of crystal and paired it with a marble base for an elevated and refined effect.

Cristaux Crystal Tiger Stone Base

Next, we designed deal toys for Strauss Brands, a notable meat producer. We paid tribute to the cows that were crucial to their success. We 3D-printed the cattle and hand-painted details to ensure uniformity and precision.

To honor a well-known CEO of the finance world, we created a one-of-a-kind gift inspired by a white Buffalo. The animal was a symbol for the company and had a personal connection to the honoree. The finished piece was bold and hefty, weighing nearly 40 pounds.

For another program, The U.S. Attorney’s Office contacted us to create years of service awards for their organization. We collaborated with a vendor to use a mold of a bald eagle. The animal served as the centerpiece for this award, reflecting the organization and its members’ continued work for freedom.

Last but not least, the Cristaux team created our own recognition awards inspired by our office dog. The Stormy Awards featured our beloved French Bulldog. each year, our designers find new ways to revamp the award, whether using unique finishes or introducing new concepts.

Gold French Bulldog Statues

Awards Meant to Honor and Inspire

Designing custom figurine awards can be a tricky task. You want to do your role model justice and continue their legacy with the utmost respect and care. There are countless ways for you to feature those most important to your organization. Bring your history to life and celebrate your story.

Contact Cristaux to start designing your recognition program today.