Coronavirus Affects Manufacturing Expectations

Samantha Mikos

While many businesses are still boarded up and the streets seem a bit eerie, businesses everywhere are gearing up for a “new normal.” Although they would ideally pick up where they left off, there are numerous restrictions in place that prohibit that from happening. To top it off, global manufacturing expectations are experiencing a massive shift.

The global pandemic took a toll on businesses everywhere, causing a worldwide shutdown. In turn, program and event delays are common and every industry has taken a hit with shipments.

As a manufacturer, the health and safety of our employees and clients is of the utmost importance. Countless lives were personally affected by the virus, and we are doing everything it takes to make sure we help slow the spread. 

But how does this affect you and your upcoming event? Read how businesses everywhere are experiencing delays, and how to adjust manufacturing expectations to align with the new normal. 


Staggered Production Schedules 

No matter the industry, manufacturing will take a long time to return to the way things were. What once allowed hundreds, if not thousands of workers to exist in close proximity, production schedules have dwindled to small groups of 10 or less in most states. 

Staggering production schedules allows for production to resume but the output will continue to be at a fraction of what it was before. Until we can safely allow team members to interact in larger groups, Cristaux will continue to abide by the regulations that have been put in place. 

The well-being of our team and clients will continue to be the most important initiative throughout these next phases. We have taken all of the necessary measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Not only does our team wear masks and gloves, we practice social distancing measures in our warehouse facility. To top it off, our front office operations continue to work remote. 


Adjusted Shipping Methods 

Now that in-person events are moving towards virtual platforms, the standard structure of event awards is shifting. Since event planners are unable to hand out awards directly to recipients, many events are setting up drop shipments.  

Drop shipments avoid the headache of having to create individualized shipments yourself. Instead, manufacturers will take on this responsibility and handle the logistics. This way, all recipients can receive their awards before, during or after events to ensure optimal enjoyment.


Shutdown Ripple Effect 

Although businesses are eager to return to some sort of normalcy, we must be mindful of the setback this shutdown has created. For a few major months of the year, the economy experienced a complete halt to production on a massive scale. Many manufacturers were pushed to the brink by using skeleton crews to stay afloat, while others had to close their doors completely.  

All projects and programs that were in production during the shutdown have now caused a ripple effect. In-hands dates have changed, while the first-in, first-out structure has taken precedent. 

If you have an event that does not require in-person awards, and you are flexible with the timeframe of shipping, chances are you will still be able to place last minute orders. By staying open to delays in shipments, your event has a great opportunity to meet all other manufacturing expectations. 

Connect with our team to learn more about how to adjust your event roadmap.