What You’ve Got to Know About Choosing a Deal Toy Company

Individual deal toys might not be worth a lot of money, but having one made is still an investment. Deal toys are a business matter, and it’s important to be confident when you’re choosing a company to meet your design needs. As in any other business venture, you want to work with professionals who understand what you’re trying to do and can do it well. Before you hire a company to produce a deal gift on your behalf, look at how it measures up on these six tests.

The design team has real depth

At Cristaux, we love startups and entrepreneurs. After all, we’ve grown from a small operation into an international deal-toy powerhouse. We’d caution you, though, if you’re thinking of working with a company that has very few employees. Lacking depth when it comes to employees means that there’s no one to call on if the only designer breaks her hand or the sole salesperson goes on an extended vacation. Choose a company that has enough employees to design, produce and ship your deal toy without unnecessary delays.

Taking ownership of the design is a company priority

You want to contribute to the design of your deal toy, and the company you work with should value your contributions. However, no reputable company will leave the hard design work up to you. You’ve already done hard work on the big deal. The design process for the toy that commemorates it should be something you can enjoy. That means that the company you work with will take the lead on design calls while still giving real weight to your ideas.

Responses to your calls and emails are prompt

Failure to respond to communications in a timely fashion is a red flag in any industry. Don’t cut a deal toy company slack because you think that creative types are a little absentminded. While that might be true sometimes, you’re not patronizing a Renaissance artist. You’re entering a business partnership with another company, and they should respond promptly during business hours.

The company cares about your timeline

Deal toys are unique recognition items in that it’s hard to plan too far in advance for their creation. After all, you have to wait for the deal to be finalized before you can present them to key team members. This means that a delay of a week or two in the production of a deal gift is a big problem. It’s essential that you recognize achievements in a timely fashion, so it’s essential that you pick a company willing to work with your timeline.

Your design can be tailored to your budget

Deal toys come in many shapes and sizes. They also come at many different price points. It’s important that you communicate your budget to a company right away. It’s also important that the company’s design team can make the deal toy that you’re imagining without exceeding your budget. Be wary of companies that don’t know how to get the look you want at the right price point.

There are options when it comes to materials, processes, finishing and packaging

Sometimes, the pricing problems mentioned above are the result of poor material availability. Avoid companies that seem to be pushing one material or that only offer a few materials. Instead, work with a company that offers a variety of materials and various methods by which to process and finish those materials. Don’t ignore packaging here either. Deal toys are special, and they demand special packaging.

At Cristaux International, we’re proud to embody the best in our industry. Get in touch to talk about your deal toy visions and how we can help you bring them to life.