Branded Packaging: How to Upgrade Your Shipping

Samantha Mikos

Imagine you order something online, and you’re so excited for it to be delivered. When it arrives, you see the typical cardboard box, the standard clear tape, and nothing more than the shipping label. When you open it, all you find is a packing slip and the items you were once so excited about.

By not using branded packaging, you are missing out on an opportunity for your business to grow brand awareness. From searching your website to receiving their order, your customers should have an unforgettable experience crafted by you and your team. Having developed our in-house drop shipping solution, Cristaux International knows a thing or two about custom packaging.

Continue reading to discover why branded packaging is important, how you can achieve it, and other ideas and tips.

Why Is Branded Packaging Important?

As a part of your unique brand, branded packaging elevates your customers’ experience when receiving and unboxing your products. All company branded components create something special for consumers. Also, uniform and specialized packaging shows others that you pay close attention to details and go further than competitors. It proves that you take great pride in everything you do, down to the shipping.


How to Brand Your Shipping

There are many ways for you to brand your packaging. However, we think the following features are most important.

External Packaging

The outside of your packages is the first thing people see, so you need to elevate your external components to make a good first impression. This includes shipping boxes, labels, tape, and stickers. Customize these materials to feature your logo or slogan in a purposeful yet simple way. For example, at Cristaux we ship fragile awards and gifts every day. As a result, we customized our “fragile” and “priority mail” stickers to feature our brand. This way, we communicate genuine care to all our clients.

Internal Components

It’s time to think inside the box. Once your customer has opened their package, how will you extend their experience? To make each recipient feel special, add branded insertions to pair with the products delivered. Options include branded YETI mugs, letters from your company president, and confetti.

Branded insertions are an excellent tool for custom packaging. You can work with a packaging company that offers customization like Cristaux does. To create company branded printed cards for your shipments, we provide on demand printing and diverse paper options and dimensions. Furthermore, you can collaborate with our sales team to discuss other customization options. As a part of our inventory management solution, we also offer kitting services to distinguish your award or gift presentation.

Company branded print insert


Once equipped with all the materials for branded packaging, you need to use your materials effectively. Maintain high expectations and uniformity for every package leaving your facility. This way, you can show anyone who sees one of your shipments that you value excellence.

Door To Door Delivery Of Cristaux Branded Boxes

How to Make Your Branded Packaging Unique

Go above and beyond and consider these tips to make your packaging shine even more.

Challenge the Status Quo

Innovation applies to packaging too. To be unique and make an impression, your packaging needs to stand out from the rest. See a brown cardboard box and opt for white. See clear packing tape and add color. Additionally, you can use custom presentation boxes for awards and gifts. This way, each recipient feels truly honored.

Invest in Excellence

Like any other facet of customer service, you and your team must invest time and money to upgrade the customer’s experience with your packaging. Take the time to perfectly apply each label, and steer clear of stock shipping labels. Also, consider our white glove services to drive brand growth.

Communicate Your Company Values

Customers love to learn more about the companies they support. Use your packaging to communicate your mission, vision, and ideals. For example, use eco-friendly shipping materials to show that you are an environmentally conscious organization. This ranges from recycled paper to the biodegradable peanuts Cristaux uses. Also, branded printed cards excellently communicate important messages to your customers.

How to Order Custom Packaging

To order custom packaging, we recommend the following tips.

  • Work with a packaging company that offers customization services.
  • Search until you find a vendor who meets and respects your budget.
  • Collaborate with your supplier to innovate your branding.

Elevate Your Brand

Branded packaging is essential to creating an unforgettable and complete experience for your customers. As an extension of you and your team, let your deliveries speak for themselves. Let excellence be the common thread, from the initial online purchase to the exquisitely branded package sitting on a doorstep.

Contact the Cristaux team to learn more about how we design, produce, and ship company branded awards.