Acrylic Deal Toys: Design Ideas and Examples

Samantha Mikos

Deal gifts and financial tombstones celebrate historic business deals and achievements. For a long time now, this recognition tradition has showcased Lucite and acrylic deal toys. This versatile material is often sought out for modern and exciting designs.

Whether honoring accomplishments in the hospitality industry or milestone investments, the team at Cristaux International can rely on acrylic to fabricate cutting-edge concepts. This material is full of diverse capabilities and can bring to life countless ideas and visions.

Lucite Deal Toy Of Aegean Sea With 3D-Printed Container Ship

What is acrylic?

Acrylic is a type of plastic that can be melted and poured into molds. Additionally, it can be colored to match any company’s brand guidelines. This material is the epitome of versatility. Whether standing alone or complementing other materials, acrylic can do it all.

As the best acrylic in the industry, Lucite is the leading and traditional standard for deal toys. This material offers a smooth and hard finish without the weight of crystal or glass, so it can easily achieve larger designs. Also, acrylic is cost-effective for a wide array of programs.

Why is acrylic a good material?

Acrylic is a good material because it comes with countless benefits. We like to think of it as the chameleon of award materials. It can take on different shapes, change color, and more. When contemplating which materials to use for your next deal gift, consider the following advantages of acrylic and Lucite.

  • Moldable shapes
  • Flexible colors
  • Different transparencies
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Light weight
  • Complements other materials

Acrylic Waterjet Rollercoaster Dealtoy 001

Acrylic deal toy ideas and examples

Acrylic and Lucite deal toys come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. By looking at other ideas and examples, designs can become more innovative and dimensional. Although financial tombstones are traditional, this recognition ritual is always evolving.

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1. Custom-shaped panel

Whether cut or poured into a mold, acrylic can take on countless unique shapes. Also, classic deal toys often feature a panel to showcase details of the business deal. So why not make that part special to each design? For instance, panels can be shaped to resemble countries, like this piece for MCR and Hodges Ward Elliott. Other popular shapes include:

  • Circle
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Flame
  • Flare
  • Spear
  • Boulder
  • Peak
  • Diamond
  • Oval

View our stock collection for more acrylic award shapes and ideas.

Blue Lucite Deal Toy Of USA Map

2. Embedment

Clear acrylic is perfect for embedment because it can be poured at room temperature. This process makes it easy for award manufacturers to feature floating pieces in deal gifts. An example of embedment is this custom deal toy celebrating the Randolph Tower. We encased a metallic building replica inside clear acrylic for an impactful piece.

3. Acrylic plaque

Plaques are timeless recognition pieces but often not considered first for financial tombstone concepts. These awards can be conveniently displayed in offices to build company morale and reputation. When making acrylic plaques, the material can be used in many ways. For instance, a clear frame can achieve a levitating effect when hung. Also, a uniquely shaped plaque can reflect company branding like the Shorty Impact Awards.

4. Molded gifts

To applaud those who are part of a business deal, consider creating deal gifts from acrylic. These pieces can be molded and can take on various shapes and purposes. Gift ideas include wine glasses for making a toast and desk accessories for elevating office decor and functionality. A paper weight, like the one we created for Roundabout Theatre, is a great example.

Square Acrylic Awards With Rose Gold Silver Or Gold Backing And Engraved Black Details

5. Vibrant colors

Exciting concepts often come with bold colors. Due to the way it’s manufactured, acrylic can match a broad array of hues. Whether opaque or translucent, the effects are remarkable. Additionally, these colors can be designed to copy a company’s exact branding. For example, we made gifts for T-Mobile and recreated the mobile giant’s trademark pink for a fun and distinct program.

6. Logo recreation

Given its ability to easily mold, acrylic does a great job of recreating logos. This design idea showcases a company branded concept with confidence. Also, this may feel different than traditional tombstones by replacing a panel with an impressive and chic replica.

Look at what we created for the Glossy Awards for an example of logo recreation.

7. Complementary materials

Although acrylic is perfectly capable of fabricating excellent Lucite deal toys by itself, it also works extremely well with other materials. Consider pairing it with metal or wood for a unique mix of textures. By using different materials, designs become more intriguing and inspire further greatness.

Find more deal toy ideas for your next celebration.

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Acrylic deal toys capture unique concepts for recognition programs. From bold colors to branded designs, these pieces can celebrate achievements with style and sensibility. With acrylic and Lucite, the possibilities are limitless.

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